The ‘Cloud’ is the next evolution of the internet. It is where you put all your data, files and software so you can access it from any computer or device, anywhere, anytime. Cloud services commonly used include internet banking, webmail, online file storage and more.

The CMS Strategic – Cloud Solutions team led by Alyson Garrett has deep knowledge of cloud services and can deliver real solutions. We have been working in the cloud for 6+ years and have helped many small and large businesses move to the cloud.

We listen to you to understand your issues and needs which allows us to provide support that is individually tailored to your business. Our strength lies in our strong technical and tax backgrounds which allows us to find leading solutions to link your business to your personal goals and build wealth for you and your future generations.

Unique Benefits Our Customers Can Count On

Personalised face to face contact and attention

Client partnership that is responsive, attentive, sensitive and discernibly proactive not reactive

New insights into the needs of your business both for today and tomorrow

Holistic offerings for top performance at value for money price

Overview of Xero (with payroll)

Beautiful accounting software that brings your cashflow to life with realtime financial data available in the cloud – anywhere, any time on any device.

Kounta | Point of Sale

Kounta is a powerful cloud based POS Software System for iPad, Android, Mac and Windows PC’s. Kounta’s POS App integrates with leading loyalty, accounting, rostering and other services to power your store.?

Client Testimonials

We decided to adopt the cloud accounting concept last year when we transitioned from MYOB to Xero in the pursuit of a more seamless accounting solution. The change has enabled significant cost and time efficiencies to be achieved, exemplified by the user-friendly bank reconciliation process. Accessibility to our accounts anywhere/anytime enables great flexibility, while the invaluable benefits were gained when we integrated Xero with other live programs. We are in the process of integrating Xero with our POS system so that we can obtain an up-to-date snapshot of the business in Xero at all times. Moving to cloud accounting has been a positive decision for our business and is constantly evolving to present further benefits.

– Rob Dean, Finance Manager, Dean Group of Hotels

Keeping your finger on the pulse is imperative to running a successful restaurant. When taking over the Topiary, we knew that we needed to find a point of sale and accounting product that would be easy to use and could talk to each other so we didn’t have to double handle information. After some research we decided to use Kounta (point of sale) linked with Xero (accounting) all accessed through the cloud. We have been able to measure and improve all aspects of the business with the freedom of doing it anywhere (phone, tablet, laptop or

PC from home) when needed. This has resulted in more free time and head space to be able to work ON the business rather than IN the business.

– Kane Pollard, Director/Head Chef, The Topiary Cafe

Since moving to Xero I have not looked back, it is simple & user friendly. Formerly tedious monthly reconciliations are simplified by the live bank feeds & become incorporated into daily tasks freeing up my time. The simple cash flow features help support the business by giving a visual picture of how we are travelling daily. Being able to access information at any time gives me greater flexibility & via the cloud I have the support of my accountant whenever needed.

– Sarah Munn, Accounts, Fino

As a small business owner of a restaurant I found myself bogged down with paperwork. After discussing this with my accountant, she advised there was a better way. We had a serious look at the cloud products available and decided to go with Xero. It was the answer I was looking for, I have found it to be fast, convenient, easy to use and access and cost effective. It has reduced the amount of time I spend doing the paperwork so I’ve got more time on my hands to work on the business and in the kitchen.

– Adelmo Lacota, Former Proprietor, Bay of Bengal Restaurant