We Know Automotive Retailing

The road to the top is a challenging one. Cut throat competition, savvy customers, the squeeze from on-line formats, manufacturer expectations and low returns characterises the bumps the average automotive retailer faces daily.

What separates the best from the rest? McKinsey conducted in-depth interviews with high performing dealerships and compared their operational practices with over 700 dealerships. They found certain operational practices can substantially affect your bottom line performance.

Factors outside dealers immediate control Factors more immediately under dealers influence
·       Region, demographics ·       Talent management
·       Brand ·       Customer loyalty
·       Size & structure of dealership ·       Performance planning


Better Practices, bigger Profits

Double your profit by,

  • Reducing employee turnover- improve recruitment, offer training, long term incentives
  • Increase customer loyalty through (service with a smile) – deliver on improvements in your service department to win more repeat customers through tours of service facilities, repeat service visit reminders etc
  • Spend your time more wisely – get managers to spend less time taking orders, managing new car allocations and more time coaching, conducting performance reviews and long-term business planning

At CMS Strategic Automotive Advisors we understand and specialise in Automotive. We know what levers to pull and when to pull them for optimal performance.