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Please read below a list of our Business Consultancy Services and what we can do for you.

We’ve heard it time and again, ‘people are your most valuable asset’ and we know first hand they can be the most rewarding but challenging. Top performing dealerships have made traction and reduced employee turnover rates from as high as 80% to as low as 20% and benefited from improved customer and employee satisfaction rates and enjoyed a flourishing bottom line as a result.

How did they do it? It all comes down to a concerted and disciplined effort to attract and retain the right people. It’s a process that involves

  • A dealership that knows and lives its purpose and what it cares about – vision, mission and values
  • Improved recruitment processes
  • Improved remuneration, compensation & incentives
  • Improved training & development

Let us support you to attract the right people, they’ll do the right things necessary to get your business to grow. If you don’t get this right the opposite happens, it’s a pain and expensive mess.

High performing dealerships develop good leaders. They coach more, they conduct long-term business planning, they nurture there talent through the right recruitment & performance management processes, training & development and offer formal career progression.

  • Leadership is all about influencing
    • Influencing task objectives and strategies
    • Influencing commitment and compliance to achieve these objectives
    • Influencing team composition and team work
    • Influencing the culture of the organisation
  • Leadership is important at all levels in the organisation including the front line
  • Leaders aren’t born they are made through focussed training and development programs
  • 21st century Leadership brings new challenges – developing millennials, multiple generations of leaders, increasing diversity in the workplace, the ability to innovate, be entrepreneurial and acquire deep understanding of rapidly changing technology
  • Successful Leadership is organisation specific. A brilliant leader in one situation does not necessarily perform well in another
  • Building a leadership culture takes times, investment and executive focus, but is worth it

We understand a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t deliver results. What’s required is a careful and critical analysis of the organisation, its objectives, its context and the individuals who are selected to lead and follow. This guides decisions about the best leader selection, the specific leadership skills and behaviours needed and the best way to deliver training and development programs.

Compelling reasons to make your dealership more female friendly,

  • 60% of new car sales are by women but only 20% of the automotive workforce are women
  • 50% of women feel intimated walking into a car dealership because it’s traditionally a man’s domain, 80% of the workforce is male
  • Women take on average 75 days to make a car purchase, men only 63 days taking more time to do their research, to build confidence and knowledge

An opportunity to bring balance and fill the gender gaps in the car shopping experience through four discrete steps:

  1. Building the business case
  2. Diagnosing where your business fits on the gender equality road map
  3. Developing strategy recommendations
  4. Implementation, review and measurement

Talk to us now about how building gender equality into your dealerships can drive sustainable business performance and growth.

CMS Strategic Automotive Advisors plays a facilitating role to support your dealership to address challenging times – underperformance, a change in industry or competition, a business restructure or seizing new opportunities (such as a new franchise, a new location or a new marketing opportunity).